Unfurnished flats, no fans, no water for para-athletes at Para-Athletics Championships

Complying in the footsteps of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee), the sports ministry also rusticated the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) on Wednesday for the bad management of the 15th National Para Athletics Championships which was held in Ghaziabad on March 20-22, 2015.

The sports ministry suspended the acknowledgement of the National Sports Federation (NSF) with a quick impression till further orders are issued. The IPC rusticated the PCI on April 15,2015 for the same reasons which were shown in a show-cause notice, given by the sports ministry, asking why it should not be decertified.

According to a sports ministry statement, the decision of suspension was  taken according to the view of some regular and serious complaints done by participants about poor management and conduct of the 15th National Para Athletics Championships in all departments viz, technical, logistics, administrative and so on.

The Sports Authority of India placed an inquiry against the director of the competition and as per the sources the authority provided the sports ministry with its report, who then questioned to the PCI why it should not be rusticated. The inquiry unveiled the fact the complaints launched were sensible enough.

The statement said that the government of India has a strong opinion that PCI has dishonored the terms and conditions of the acknowledgment as well as provisions of the constitution. The statement unleashes, “The government has further noted that PCI has not been functioning in the best interest of para sport for which it was granted recognition as there has been large-scale dissatisfaction among players and other stakeholder, thus resulting in adverse impact on both the development of the sport as well as future opportunities and prospects of para athletes in the country.”

The PCI was founded by the Government of India on November 2011 as a National Sports Federation for encouraging the sportsman spirit among physically challenged athletics who were not facilitated by proper training.


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