Jharkkhand former CM Madhu Koda

A special court has accepted the bail request of former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda. Koda was involved in the coal block allocation scam case, related to Hindalco, and CBI was investigating the matter. Moreover, the court has also granted bail to seven others.

The bail plea from the ex-CM was opposed by the CBI. Earlier, before the compilation of the order from the special court, CBI has filed the crime records and a case diary in a sealed cover in coal blocks allocation case.

Senior public prosecutor V K Sharma told special CBI judge Bharat Parashar, “In compliance with the court’s order, we are filing the crime folder as well as the case diary.”

Parashar responded, “Investigating officer states that he has brought both the case diary and crime records in a sealed cover. He is further being told to assist the court in looking at the relevant papers. The matter is now adjourned for consideration on December 12.” During the hearing, the court said that it will ask the agency and pass the closure report if there is still any clarification sought in the matter.

The FIR was filed in October, last year against the industrialist Kumar Maglam Birla, ex-coal secretary P.C. Parakh and others associated with the allocation of Talbira II and Talbira III coal blocks in 2005 in Odisha to Hindalco. Later, CBI has filed the closure report, to the court.

The court was hearing the case on November 25 and asked CBI that why they won’t asked the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was the responsible person for the coal portfolio between 2005 and 2009.

Previously on November 10, CBI said to the court that there was “prima facie enough material” to proceed against some public servants and private parties who were related to the case.

Special public prosecute, RS Cheema had been appointed by the SC for CBI. He had submitted the closure report as there was prima facie “evidence against the accused to show their involvement”.

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