SpaceX will conduct engine test of its Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday

The much talked about Falcon Heavy rocket of SpaceX will undergo a massive test on Monday. Recently, the California-based aerospace manufacturing company brought its Falcon Heavy rocket to Kennedy Space Center in Florida and raised it vertically on the revamped launch pad 39A. Ahead of its launch, SpaceX will test all the 27 powerful Merlin engines of the most powerful rocket of the world on Tuesday.

The engine test was originally scheduled to take place last Thursday but was delayed first to Friday, then to Monday and then was postponed to Tuesday due to specified reasons. Visible vapors are seen around the Falcon Heavy rocket and launch which indicates that the rocket has been filled with fuel and the engines are ready for test. The Falcon Heavy rocket consists of three Falcon 9 first stage rockets and each rocket consists of 9 Merlin engines taking the totally tally of engines to 27.

Among the three Falcon 9 rockets, two are already flown first stage boosters, and another is a powerful and strengthened central core stage. The Falcon Heavy rocket is a reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle that can lift a payload of almost 63,800 kilograms to the lower earth orbit. The company compared the payload lifting capability of Falcon heavy with a 737 jetliner loaded with crew passengers, luggage, and fuel. SpaceX also informed its Falcon Heavy can lift more than twice the payload lifted by the next closest operational rocket, the Delta IV Heavy. The Falcon Heavy rocket can create a thrust of more than 5 million pounds during the lift-off which is equivalent to 18 747 aircraft. To be precise, when the Falcon Heavy will blast off from the launchpad 39A it will generate about 4.7 million pounds of thrust and will beat the current leader in liftoff thrust, the European Ariane 5 launcher, which generated around 2.9 million pounds of thrust.

According to NASA, the Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful rocket to launch from pad 39A since NASA’s giant Saturn V rocket that sent Apollo astronauts to Moon in the 1970s. If all tests become successful, then the Falcon Heavy rocket will most probably attain its maiden flight by the end of January. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had earlier informed that the first dummy payload atop Falcon Heavy will be his own cherry-red Tesla Roadster. Tuesday’s test will be a static fire state in which Falcon Heavy will be clamped in a place, and all the 27 Merlin engines will be fired, as reported by CNET.

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