SpaceX is leasing a gigantic property near LA Port for its manufacturing facility

SpaceX is leasing a gigantic property near LA Port for its manufacturing facility

Seems like SpaceX is gearing up to manufacture its upcoming Big F**king Rocket (BFR) or say, Big Falcon Rocket in its new manufacturing facility at Long Beach, California. A Reddit user OGquaker reported the document published by Port of Los Angeles and then, Ars Technica published an article on the upcoming 18-acre site that SpaceX is in talks to lease on the Terminal Island where it would build large commercial transport vessels, as said by the document.

The 18-acre site commissioned on behalf of WW Marine Composites LLC by the Los Angeles City Harbor Department states it will build a new 203,450-sq-ft building on the Terminal Island. The facility will be used to develop and manufacture first generation vessels and other processes that include welding, cleaning, composite curing, painting, and assembly operations, and others. Further, its proximity to the shore will provide it the ease to collect all the rocket parts caught by the offshore drone ships that SpaceX uses to capture parts of rockets dropped in the Pacific Ocean after rocket launches.

It has been pointed out that such a ginormous facility would be used to manufacture the largest rocket SpaceX ‘Big F**king Rocket’. The 500-feet-tall rocket will be built with two stages comprising of rockets and spacecraft into a single giant vehicle designed to carry fuel, cargo, and people. Although it will be assembled right in the facility, moving it from the plant to the launch pad would be difficult citing its gigantic size and thus, it will be transported via water unlike Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon rockets that were moved from point A to B on land since they were comparatively smaller.

SpaceX has denied confirming when asked, however, they told a major news portal about their preliminary discussions with the Port of Los Angeles. The application filed by SpaceX is sought to ask for a 10-year lease with options to renew it twice for 20 years combined. Such a giant manufacturing unit will create 750 new jobs in the locality.

SpaceX BFR will be used to service the International Space Station and also, launch satellites in the space for its customers for which these two modes of earning bread and butter to keep company’s aim to set up a moon base and travel to the red planet afloat. According to the recent updates, the new BFR which is presently under construction might make its first orbital launches by 2020.

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