SpaceX gets permission to build its Big Falcon Rocket at the Port of Los Angeles

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The California-based aerospace manufacturing company SpaceX has got the permission to build the Mars spaceships and rockets at the port of the Los Angles. As per the latest reports, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has said at his 2018 State of the City speech that SpaceX is soon going to start manufacturing the big Mars spaceships that will carry humans to the Red Planet.

During a live broadcast, Garcetti said, “Today, I am pleased to officially announce that SpaceX will start production development of the Big Falcon Rocket in the Port of Los Angeles. This is a vehicle that holds the promise of taking humanity even deeper into the cosmos than ever before.” He further added that if the current year has taught them anything then that is to think big and to go after something unreachable. “We have the confidence to look up to the stars, and the guts to realize our dreams,” Garcetti said.

Last year SpaceX CEO showed his Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) to the world and made the space community aware of its capability. Musk said that his company would soon start building the BFR rockets in order to colonize Mars. Musk said that the BFR spaceship will be launched in two parts and will carry 100 people and 150 tons of cargo into space. The 16-story spaceship will be boosted by a 19-story booster. At the SXSW conference in Austin last month, Musk had informed that the construction of the first BFR rocket has already been started. “We are building the first ship, or interplanetary ship, right now, and we’ll probably be able to do short flights, short up and down flights, during the first half of next year.”

Musk got the confidence to start building the BFR spaceship after the successful launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket. Musk has also planned to use the BFR rockets for travel purposes on Earth. He said that the BFR rocket will travel across the globe with lightning speeds and will fly people from New York to Shanghai in half an hour. As per the deal will the Port of Los Angeles, SpaceX will get up to 200,000 more square feet to work. The company will get a vacant dormant building which will be further renovated and upgraded to start building the big Mars spaceships. As per the reports, SpaceX will not have to pay the rent for the facility for more than two decades.

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