SpaceX and its future plans on Big F**king Rocket, funding of $500 million and more

SpaceX and its future plans on Big Falcon Rocket, funding of $500 million and more

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX revealed progress on its upcoming giant ‘Big F**king Rocket (BFR)’ which is also known as ‘Big Falcon Rocket (BFR)’. The firm will start building it soon and the information associated with its size is mind-boggling. BFR is a 157-foot long spaceship and longer than the giant Boeing 737. The width of the rocket is 29-feet which is 8-feet wider than the current Airbus A380 superjumbo’s fuselage. According to SpaceX, the rocket will be designed in three ways i.e. it will carry three kinds of payloads. It will be used to carry fuel, cargo, and people in SpaceX’ endeavor to reach Mars in coming years.

Citing the progression of the upcoming rocket, the project was unveiled last September in Australia. Last weekend, SpaceX tipped on its construction that will initiate soon. As per The Daily Beast, utility and economy are two driving forces and principles of all SpaceX projects. As known, the firm has attempted reusing various stages of rockets for which, it is successfully reused several of ‘em after performing a self-propelled entry back to the launch pad a number of times in the past.

The BFR project will have two stages unlike its predecessors built by NASA. Starting with NASA’s Apollo missions, a 3-stage 36-story high Saturn V rocket was launched off the pad to reach the moon. It had four stages once it reached the space that included a service module, lunar lander, ascent stage, and command module that were effectively used to propagate in space from Earth to Mars and back. Elon Musk said ‘That is a pretty ridiculous set of requirements for a ship’ when asked about his plans to include each stage of the rocket to just one vehicle.

Another news from SpaceX has been confirmed that it will soon receive an injection of $500 million in funding. This was in response after Musk declared that the testing for the spaceship to Mars will start in early 2019. The influx of funding came from various sources including a $100 million from Elon Musk himself who has sought to purchase more shares in the firm and provide an additional fund. Other $400 million will be contributed by investors wanting to take a piece of this revolutionary company which has achieved a number of milestones in less than a decade on being in business.

This year, SpaceX has declared to make at least 30 launches compared to 19 in 2017. SpaceX has already launched its Falcon 9 rocket several times in 2018 alone deploying various satellites for private and public companies, geostationary satellites, internet broadband satellites, and others. It also successfully tested its Falcon Heavy rocket, the largest in terms of carrying payload after it took Musk’s Tesla Roadster and a mannequin named Starman to the low-earth orbit destined to flyby Mars in coming years.

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