South Asians living in US ignorant towards pain medication, finds study

According to a new research, South Asians people those who live in the United States are more reluctant when compared to others in admitting and reporting pain and as well as consulting doctor and seek medications.

Researchers from the University of Missouri said that the new finding gives an opportunity for health care professionals to treat South Asian patients with better culturally responsive care.

Researcher Karla Washington said health care workers in the US will treat more diverse group of people including South Asians in coming future. There is a need to develop better understanding towards cultural differences in medical practice in South Asia like limited use of painkillers, said Washington. For the study, Washington along with her Indian origin colleague Nidhi Khosla conducted several interviews with health care professionals who had vast experience in treating seriously ill South Asian patients and their families.

Health professionals reported that they found South Asian patients to have minimalistic attitude to medication especially painkillers. This might also be due the fact that South Asians generally have limited access to pain medication thus they might have developed a tendency of ignorance towards pain.

Washington also noted that many South Asian people living in the United States spend considerable amount of time in Asia in their motherland where they are deprived of pain medication and when they return to America they follow the same trend and attitude towards the medicines.

The study was published in the journal Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

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