Sony’s 2019 TV lineup brings 8K at $70,000; 8K, 4K, OLED, LED, HDR TVs on sale starting May

Sony's 2019 TV lineup brings 8K at $70,000; 8K, 4K, OLED, LED, HDR TVs on sale starting May

Sony Electronics has finally revealed the pricing details for its upcoming MASTER Series televisions including OLED TV and LCD models that it announced at the CES 2019 and yes, the high-end 8K model is priced more than what could get you a Chevy Corvette so aware and read ahead.

Starting with the high-end Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8K HDR TV, it brings the almighty X1 Ultimate processor that grabs the best-in-class 8K experience thanks to its 33 million pixels that uses the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate to give you a breathtaking 8K viewing experience at home. There are two models in the Z9G 8K range i.e. 85-inch Class which will be available in June and starts at $12,999 while its 98-inch Z9G 8K HDR TV grabs a price tag of $69,999 which is slightly less than a what Chevy Corvette could be priced.

Don’t like the 8K? Check out the Son MASTER Series A9G 4K OLED TV which doesn’t provide an 8K viewing experience but thanks to its premium picture quality backed by the same Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, the 8 million pixels illuminate precisely and individually giving you a breathtaking experience at 4K which is quite abundant than 8K. It comes with Pixel Contrast Booster and has Netflix Calibrated Mode built-in along with with IMAX Enhanced and DTS audio for overall mesmerizing and enticing TV viewing experience. There are three sizes available under A9G 4K OLED TV that are 55-inch which starts at $3,500 and will be available in May and the same goes for a 65-inch model which sells at a price tag of $4,500. Finally, the largest 77-inch A9G 4K OLED TV will fetch $7,999 which is still tenth of what the 8K Z9G 98-inch would cost.

Next in the series is Sony A8G 4K OLED TV which comes with 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhance, dual database processing, 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping, and all sorts of fancy hollahops that you would want on a TV which is great in terms of viewing experience but it is light on the pockets and this is where this model shines. It’s 55-inch A8G 4K OLED TV fetches just $2,500 while a larger 65-inch model would cost just $3,500 slated for availability next month i.e. in May.

Sony revealed pricing details for all its upcoming 2019 lineup which covers from LCD or HDR to OLED, 4K to 8K which is truly an all-in-one package so that users can choose from the wide range and buy that fits the bill.

The SOny X950G 4K HDR TV is the next edition with Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that brings 4K HDR LCD clarity with six-times the contrast that other LED TVs from Sony. It has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision backed with IMAX Enhanced and support to HomeKit and Apple AirPlay2 as well with Netflix Calibrated Mode and what else do you wish for in a LED TV. There are four different sizes starting from the smallest 55-inch available at $1,399 while the larger 65-inch ($2,199), 75-inch ($3,500), and finally, the largest 85-inch model which racks up the total price tag of $4,499 which my perspective is still 14 times less than what the 8K Z9G HDR TV will cost.
Finally, there are two other models as well i.e. X850G 4K HDR TV and X800G 4K HDR TV. The former is packed with Sony 4K HDR Processor X1 and TRILUMINOS Display technology that enhances color accuracy and more. It has a built-in Google Assistant and has a smart remote available on upgrade. It’s a single 85-inch model costs at $3,500 MSRP. The X800 4K HDR TV, on the other hand, has a 4K X-Reality PRO upscaling technology with Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display that brings everything in near-4K quality. It has five different sizes starting at 43-inch ($650) all the way to 75-inch which is priced at $1,999 MSRP.

So this is everything we know about the upcoming 2019 lineup from Sony Electronics.

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