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The Japanese tech giant Sony announced this Tuesday that the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 is now available for the UK and Germany. The company reported that these are the first smart glasses that Sony is going to put on sale.

The Sony SmartEyeGlass is the set of black rimmed thick glasses that look pretty decent and are very comfortable to wear as they weigh just under 80 gm. A smartphone can be wirelessly paired with a hockey puck-sized control unit, which is connected to the glasses via a chord and is bundled with speaker, microphone, touch controls and a battery that could last up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The company told that the SmartEyeGlass uses “holographic wavelength technology,” to superimpose data to be displayed on the Glass,”without any half mirrors that may obstruct the user’s vision.”

The device boasts a built-in 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, and brightness sensor, behind the 3 mm lenses.

“Imagine true augmented reality,’ Sony says. “Imagine a world of knowledge in front of your eyes. Imagine never not knowing, always having your hands free. Imagine SmartEyeglass.”

The SED-E1 looks like regular spectacles with regular transparent glasses fitted to them. It could be easily paired up with a smartphone to get notifications floating up in right front of the users eyes. It displays emails, notifications, and information about the apps running on the connected device, in green color only.

The Sony smart glasses are far cheaper than the Google Glass as they are available with a price tag of $840 (nearly Rs. 50,000), meanwhile the Google charged $1500 (approximately 90,000) for its Glass Explorer edition and it was only available on the invite basis.

The firm announces that the device will by available from March in US, the UK, Germany and Japan at a price of $840, £520, €670 and 100,000 yen, respectively. In addition, they will also be available for the company’s business customers in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden. However, Sony didn’t said a word about Australian prices and details, but after converting it is expected to cost around AU$1,020.

A company’s spokesperson said, “As a hands-free device, SmartEyeglass can be a promising product with many practical uses. ‘But since we recognize the need to explore applications at this stage, we’re releasing this developer edition.”

The Internet giant recently stopped the sale of Google Glass Explorer edition for it to give more advanced features and a new design. Company has promised to re-surface it again very soon.

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