Sony Online Entertainment sold to Columbus Nova investment firm

Sony Online Entertainment sold to Columbus Nova investment firm

Sony Corp has sold the Sony Online Entertainment, an Internet gaming company that was established by the gaming giant itself in the year 1990 to Columbus Nova, a New York-based investment firm. The company has re-named it as Daybreak Game Company.

Except the name, there aren’t noticeable changes that have been made by the Columbus Nova. Nova said that all the games of Sony Online Entertainment or SOE are intact and will stay there forever. “All of our games are still here and will continue to be,” Daybreak president John Smedley wrote on Twitter.

Columbus Nova also said that they are working on EverQuest Next, the latest sequel to EverQuest, which was among the top role playing games a decade ago. It is the game that has competed with World of Warcraft title.

There haven’t been any financial details about the deal. However, the former Sony game unit will work as a game development studio for the investment firm.

Columbus Nova has always remained behind the curtain in development of various games on mobile and PlayStation platform. PlayStation 4 so far is among the highest selling gaming console, and the company has always remained in a shadow of it.

“We determined it was in the best interest of both entities to allow the studio to realize its full potential as a multi-platform online gaming company,” Sousuke Kamei, a spokesman at Sony’s Tokyo headquarters, said via email.

“The environment surrounding the game industry is always challenging, and we are doing a review of our business on a regular basis. As part of it, we decided to sell SOE for strengthening the overall business quality in order to increase higher profitability,” Kamei said.

Talking about the company itself, Columbus Nova is 2000 founded New York-based investment firm that has nearly $15 billion of assets.

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