Sonia Gandhi to Delhi High Court, summoning in Herald Case illegal


Congress President Sonia Gandhi has called the summons issued against her, Rahul Gandhi and five others in National Herald Case as illegal. She made it clear that no malpractice was involved in the acquisition process

Senior Advocate, Kapil Sibbal represented the Congress chief to a bench of Justice Sunil Gaur and stated that not even a single person was cheated during the acquisition of Associate Journals Ltd, the publishers of the now defunct National Herald Newspaper by the Young Indian Private Ltd.

“There was no criminal breach of trust and no criminal conspiracy and neither any cheating took place and it is a simple company matter where YIL has taken over the AJL,” the counsel claimed

The counsel also questioned the way BJP leader Subramanian Swamy  was impacted by this ‘ private affair’.

Sibal, thus has claimed it an act of illegality. The only way the Congress surfaces in this process is in the help that it provided to issue loans of worth 90 crores over 50 years to AJL and that too was due to emotional connect not a strategized illegal step.

Moreover, Young India is a no profit-or-loss company, and it was merely a shareholder, not a profit earner. Sibal also cleared that  no provision prevents a political party from giving loans.

Besides Sonia and Rahul, Congress treasurer Moti Lal Vora, General Secretary Oscar Fernandes and Suman Dubey had moved the High Court on July 30, 2014 against the trial court order summoning them in the case of alleged cheating in the acquisition of AJl by Young India.

Sibal also raised brows over Swamy’s interest in a company’s transactions  where the latter is even unable to prove that something illegal happened.

The arguments, which remained inconclusive, will resume on April 22.

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