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Snapdeal allows to order Reliance Jio Sim card Online

Soon after offering Rs. 2000 note at consumers’ doorsteps, Snapdeal has again come up with home delivery of Reliance Jio SIM card. The e-commerce company announced that it has started delivering the Reliance Jio SIM cards at selected locations in India. These SIM cards will be enabled with the upcoming Jio’s Happy New Year Offer.

Snapdeal has started sending emails to its customers stating that the home delivery of SIM cards is a ‘token of gratitude’ for them and their support. All you need to avail the SIM card is a valid local Aadhar card and you have received the mail from Snapdeal.

You just have to ollow the link provided in the email and fill in contact and delivery details. Sanpdeal also allows you to request the delivery at a specific time. You will get an SMS detailing your choice of time and a Reliance Jio executive will visit your home around your appointment time to give you the card and activate it.

  1. After getting registered a Reliance Jio executive will arrive at your doorstep with eKYC (electronic-Know Your Customer) device and ask for following ready for easy activation of Jio connection:
    1. Local Aadhaar card
    2. 4G enabled handset
    3. All MyJio apps downloaded in the handset to generate Welcome Offer code.
  2. As per the verification process, the official will ask for Aadhaar card details and take fingerprint details on eKYC machine. And after the process the SIM card will be activated in 15 minutes.

With the launch of Snapdeal’s home delivery of SIM cards, Reliance Jio is targeting to achieve a subscriber mark of 100 million by the end of its Happy New Year Offer i.e. March 31, 2017. By the end of last month, the company has noted that though Indian consumers have to be in long queues to avail the service, it has managed to achieve 50 million subscribers in just 83 days. Analysts say that making the availability convenient will definitely increase the subscriber base rapidly.

Previously, Reliance Jio has officially announced the 4G SIM door delivery system in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and Ahmedabad. While earlier, a website had claimed itself to provide the Jio 4G SIM for free at your doorstep free of cost, however, the e-retailer was charging heavy delivery charges of Rs. 199. Also, the website was selling the JioFi dongle with Jio SIM card, which is being sold at Rs. 2000, with additional Rs. 199 for delivery. All the payments were requested in advance through PaUmoney.

Besides, for public welfare Snapdeal has offered Rs. 2000 note at doorsteps of the users from Gurugram and Bengaluru. The company stated officially, “The service is a goodwill gesture by Snapdeal to allow users to easily access cash without having to queue up at their bank or at the ATMs. We will charge a nominal amount of one rupee as convenience fee, which will need to be paid through FreeCharge/through a debit card at the time of booking the order.”

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  • Wow that’s soo cool! Ghar baithe baithe free internet! Bhai aur kya chahiye! I never expected k snapdeal pe Jio aega. What an idea. It’s also good for people who are very busy with work or who are old and need a sim n all! Seriously awesome idea Jio!

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