Snapchat’s Spectacles V2 now available on Amazon

The social media Snapchat has reportedly begun selling its 2018 Spectacles version 2 in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada through the online shopping platform Amazon. This second generation version of the Spectacles has been priced at around one hundred fifty dollars (£150). According to the statements of the company, the price would remain same in all the regions where the product would be available. The customers who intend to purchase the new version of Spectacles could choose from three different color options, namely Sapphire Twilight, Ruby Daybreak, and Onyx Moonlight. The customers ordering the product would receive a quick delivery as the Spectacles are under the category of Amazon next-day shipping.

The Spectacles version 2 has fixed a lot of the drawbacks of its previous version. The second generation Spectacles is both stylish and full of technology. It can record videos up to ten seconds when the users press the button initially and can extend the duration up to thirty seconds when they press the button again.  With a longer press, the Spectacle can even capture pictures. The Spectacles are water-resistant and can capture pictures and record videos even under shallow water. It has the ability to record up to seventy videos on one charge. The Spectacles syncs wirelessly with the Snapchat app whenever the users’ phone is nearby, thereby allowing the users share pictures and/or export them to the photo gallery of their phone.  Spectacles also pair up easily with phones over Bluetooth. The videos and pictures taken by the Spectacles are in full HD format.

Previously Snapchat sold its Spectacles version 1 via vending machines in the United States and European countries. Although that was a great strategy planned by the company, with the Spectacles version 2, Snapchat focuses on a wider availability. This is the reason for which the company started selling its Spectacles version 2 via the official website of Spectacles.

It is yet to be watched as to how much this new strategy of Snapchat yields the company.   At the present, it could only be hoped that this plan is well set to sell off more than one hundred fifty thousand units of Spectacles, which is the number of sold units of the version 1.

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