Some Snack Hacks for Overtime Working People

over time working man

With a 9-5 desk job, one barely get time to grab lunch. And as it’s about time to get a break a client calls or the boss calls in for a meeting. The easiest thing to do is grab some junk food while one can and hurry back to work. We are all sailing in the same boat? Mostly, sitting at our desks we end up eating junk and drinking coffee, and create a list of unhealthy food in our diet. Therefore, we need to change things. So we devised these hacks to keep you full and have a healthy diet at the same time.
Almonds: A great source of protein containing healthy fats that satisfies those evening hunger cravings.
Chickpeas: Boiling a handful of chickpeas in the morning and adding a pinch of salt or pepper and some vegetables for some taste.
Yogurt: This is a good bacteria which gives you a good digestive system. One can choose a variety of flavored yogurts to fill their stomach.
Boiled eggs: Eggs are a good idea of getting proteins and helps kill those pre-lunch hunger pangs.
Variety of fruits: As an evening snack just grab some apples or oranges or any other fruits that suits your taste. They are healthy and will satisfy that hunger.
Popcorn: Chips munchers can swap the fatty chips with popcorn. Butter or oil free popcorn can be a source of quickly satisfying that mid-day hunger.
Protein bars: A protein bar is the best solution for hunger. They contain lesser calories and fats hence can be considered a healthy option.
Crackers: Multi grain crackers are yet another option to kill hunger attacks. They are a suppliant on fiber which is good for one’s health.
Fruit juice: Fruit juices can help keep ones stomach full for a longer period of time. Drinking natural fruit juices instead of the canned ones is considered a better though.
So, go ahead and convert that unhealthy cravings into a lifestyle of healthy diet.

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