Man Caught with 94 iPhone 6 China

According to some of the reports, a man was arrested near the China border that was attempting to enter the country with nearly 94 Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus strapped onto his body. The China customs police arrested this man when they observed a weird walking posture of the individual. 

According to officials, this technique of wrapping around the mobile devices is very common among the smugglers, and it is known as “mobile armor” by the police department. The police have identified this man as citizen of Hong Kong.

The whole body including calves, crotch and thighs were covered in a number of iPhones with the help of plastic and masking tape. All of the devices have been seized by the customs, and an investigation has been launched against that smuggler.

Man Caught with 94 iPhone 6 China

There aren’t any issues related to the availability of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China, however, these devices are actually those that got stolen in Hong Kong, and China is good place to get them off for a better price.

Previously, these smartphones were smuggled due to its unavailability in the country. The black market was able to smuggle iPhones from countries including US and Australia, and sell them here in the China for a higher price. In the beginning, a single iPhone 6 was sold at a price of $2000 in the black market.

Since, every business has a downfall, soon after the launch of Apple iPhone 6 duo in the country, the black market was forced to drop the price lower than the retail store.

The Apple iPhone 6 duo has allowed the Cupertino giant to touch a huge numbers in the market. Last year the company was able to touch a mark of 700 Bn market capital, however, soon it came down and currently the Cupertino holding firm with 647.4 Bn. 
Apple Inc. is soon expected to rise more in the market with the launch of Apple Watch.

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