Smoking can help in reducing weight, claims study

Smoking can help in reducing weight, claims study

In a new find, researchers have revealed that smoking can lead to weight loss. Although, smoking might cause cancer but it has its pros too. According to study authors, nicotine can lead to weight reduction independent of food intake.

Scientists conducted the study on rats under extremely controlled environment and were astonished to see the weight loss even when the same amount of food was fed to all the subjects. Even small doses of nicotine had significant impact on weight loss. However, reduction in nicotine content from very high to very low doses resulted in slight weight gain.

For the study, researchers conducted experiments on mice that shared genetic similarities for over 20 days. Same food was given to all the mouse each day, but researchers altered the amount of nicotine intake and observed its effect on the body.

It was revealed that nicotine does help in reducing weight. However, lead study author Laura Rupprecht was worried and said that such beliefs motivate people to continue smoking which further increases the risk of several diseases including deadly cancer. Laura further added that using nicotine to lose weight might be a bad idea as it can get you several other potential diseases.

Researchers believe that weight reducing property of nicotine and nicotine addiction might be two different entities and scientists can exploit it to our benefit by separating both the properties. World has over one billion obese people and reducing weight by using nicotine might be cost effective and easy solution, however, it can only be implemented if researchers are able to eliminate the traits of addiction from the nicotine.

The study appeared in Nicotine and Tobacco.

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