Thynk, headphone like device to counter stress

A device that connects to a smartphone can help you relax at the press of a button, a new research unveils. Scientists say that the device sends an electric signal that soothes brain and can alter mood.

The device named Thync is like a headphone that boasts electrodes, when connected to a smartphone produces short-lived energising effect. The headphone generates feeling similar to drinking a can of Red Bull, according to Jamie Tyler, the Thync cofounder.

To test accuracy and reliability of the device, Marom Bikso, a professor of biomedical engineering at City College of New York, conducted research funded by the device makers. The study included 100 participants. All the participants were exposed to Thync for 15 minutes, and it was found that the device had a significant effect on the stress level. Although the results varied from person to person but for most the effect lasted for more than 30 mins.

“For some people – not everyone – the effect is really profound. Within minutes, they’re feeling significantly different in a way that is as powerful as anything else I could imagine short of a narcotic,” Bikson said.

The device uses a type of transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) that produces a soothing effect by stimulating the brain. Researchers are working hard to further increase the soothing effect of the device. “Our goal is to have long-lasting positive effects such as better sleep, improved workouts and increased productivity, through daily use of the Vibes,” Kim Tran said.

The release date of the device isn’t yet disclosed but the rumours suggest by next year consumer may get their hands on it.

Several researches are being conducted on brain stimulation to keep people stress free these days. Today stress is one of the most common disease. Besides being root for several other illnesses, stress reduces work efficiency of human. A man in stress can’t give 100 percent in the work and a device like Thynk might be a good option to counter it.

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