Your smartphone reveals your identity; Here’s how Android users better than iPhone owners!

Your Smartphone can divulge your individuality: Find what reports say

Do you know your Smartphone can tell your character and personality? Surprised!!! A recently held study says that Android phone users are more modest and truthful in comparison to iPhone users. The research also said that women are two times more willing to acquire an iPhone than Android one.

A group of researchers from the University of Lincoln in the UK made two studies on the personality traits of mobile users. While the first survey was held to find out believe and behavior of people with different Smartphone brands, the second research was based on these stereotypes against actual personality traits of 530 Android and iPhone Smartphone users.

In the first study, the researchers asked 240 contestants to go through a questionnaire based on the characteristics they bracket together with users of each Smartphone brand. And the result the outcome demonstrated that those Android clients are seen to have more noteworthy levels of genuineness and modesty, suitability and openness qualities yet are seen as less outgoing than iPhone customers.

In the second study, 530 members were checked for characterizing the identity characteristics of Android and iPhone customers, and the result demonstrated that the personality stereotypes of the vast majority of users not to be real, and trustworthiness and humbleness were only found in greater amount among Android users. The study also concluded that women are more lovable to iPhones and want to grab one iPhone twice than a man want.

Heather Shaw, from the University of Lincoln in the UK, said that this study gives new experiences into identity contrasts between various sorts of Smartphone users. Choosing Smartphone is the most fundamental level of personalisation and through this personalisation, one can catch the exact personality of people.

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