Smartphone apps can now detect atrial fibrillation

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Over time, smartphone apps are getting smarter, and now a ground-breaking App is in the pipeline which can sense heart stroke once fully developed. A new smartphone app has been prepared by a group of researchers at the University of Turku, Finland that can detect Atrial fibrillation – a common type of irregular heart beat which leads to heart stroke.

Atrial fibrillation is a risky medicinal condition that once happened can prompt heart stroke. But now, fortunately, such plausibility can be distinguished by utilising a recently created smartphone application. The report published in the academic journal of European Society of Cardiology stated that a group of scientists from University of Turku, Finland, has built up an ease application that uses the smartphone’s sensor specs like accelerometer and gyroscope to distinguish Atrial fibrillation, which on the other way can sense heart stroke easily.

Tero Koivisto, the lead researcher of this app, said that Atrial fibrillation is a risky restorative condition that is found in 2% of the worldwide populace, and this is the primary cause of prompting around seven million strokes every year. Tero is also presently working as the vice-director of the Technology Research Centre (TRC), University of Turku, Finland.

The developed app is of low-cost and uses the existing sensor technology of the Smartphone to detect the rhythm of Atrial fibrillation in the body. With the utilization of this app, almost 70% of heart stroke can be avoided with pre-emptive medicines. As often doctors can’t be able to detect Atrial fibrillation in the body as it occurs randomly, this app if become successfully implemented, can be proved as a godsend for both humanity and medical industry.

Previously, the method of electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to detect the heart stroke, which can now be replaced with this undisclosed app.

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