3D printing can cure Type 1 Diabetes, claims study

As we know that diabetes is due to the increase level of blood sugar which is glucose. Diabetes can be controlled by the insulin either produced naturally in our body or provided artificially.

With the invention of new technology, diabetes can be controlled by our smartphones. Now it does not need artificial insulin pricks or by other artificial remedies.

According to the long-time research, it is concluded that the smartphones contain tiny sensors and wearable insulin pumps within them, which targets pancreas, it stays there, there it monitors blood sugar level and delivers insulin in the various parts of the body as per their requirement.

This system of controlling blood sugar through smartphones will pass through two final phases of the international test/trial this year and will introduce soon.

Boris Kovatchev, director of the University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology, is a lead researcher in this work used to say: “We’ve been working on this specific artificial pancreas as it’s called since 2006.”

Blood sugar sensors of the size of flash drive are fitted within the smartphones that will serve as a diabetes controllers in various parts of the body such as arms, legs, abdomen, etc. It was reported in ‘’Ars Technica.’’ The sensor determines the blood sugar level within every five minutes and shows result on the specially designed app in the smart phone. This app works to analyze the shown result and then works to control the blood sugar level in that particular area of the body. This pump contains fine needles which work to deliver insulin in the body to control diabetes.

The main goal of this app is to monitor blood glucose level in the specific targeted area of the body.

Francis Doyle III, dean of Harvard’s Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences said, ‘’ These patient-specific short ranges of healthy blood-glucose levels are easier targets that can be stably maintained, avoiding constant adjustments that can lead to swings.’’

This app will help diabetic people to control their blood sugar easily and within short time. They do not have any need to go to consult doctor and to take artificial insulin and physical remedies. They also have no need to take other precautionary measures. This is the best way of controlling blood sugar level.

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