Smarter women appeal less to men in real life, finds study

Intelligent women now have to behave like stupid persons to appeal more to men. In a recent study, researchers tried to evaluate the role of intelligence and distance in the interaction between men and women. While observing researchers have found that a man finds an intelligent woman less attractive when she is sitting right next to him, on the contrary, the same man finds her attractive when she is distant or far away from his mind.

Lead study author Lora Park, associate professor at University at Buffalo, New York, said that men prefer smarter women when they are psychologically distant and in real life men tried to avoid interaction with women who outperformed them in intelligence.

For the study, researchers evaluated interaction of 650 adults and conducted six different studies over them. Six studies included presenting participants with hypothetical women, to women they expected to meet, to actually engaging in an interpersonal interaction.

Study authors found that in almost every case attractiveness or how much a man likes a woman was dependent on how intelligent or how smart that woman was when compared to the man. Interaction was also affected by the distance between a man and woman. It was noted that men find the same intelligent woman attractive when she is at a distant place.

“If you do not care about the domain, you might not be threatened. Yet, if you care a lot about the domain, then you might prefer that quality in somebody who is distant, then feel threatened when that person gets close to you,” Park explained. The research suggests that the intelligence and distance plays a vital role in how successful a relation is. The study has given a new insight into the jey factors affecting the relations between men and women. However, the study is still in its preliminary stage and study on a larger scale is required.

The study was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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