Smallest baby survives after spending 210 days in NICU

Smallest baby survives after spending 210 days in NICU

“The world is a place full of wonders, and anything can happen here.” Just like the saying, a miracle happened in Rajasthan where the world’s one of the smallest baby survived. The baby girl named Manushi was born when she was just 28 weeks old. She was as tiny as his father’s thumbnail. Her weight was only 14 ounce (400 grams). When her mother suffered from the several complications, then doctors operated the C-section 12 weeks earlier from the planned date.

After the extensive medical care, she got discharged from the hospital after getting six months old. Doctors told that she is growing nicely, her eyes are regularly progressing and her brain is structurally normal. Seeta, her 48 years old mother went under an emergency surgery on June 15. She had a high blood pressure, and this problem was putting Manushi’s life in danger. So doctors suggested the operation to save both lives. However, when Manushi was born, she was not breathing, had paper-thin skin, underdeveloped organs and just 8.6in long. Now with improved health, her weight is 5.2lbs, so she transferred to Jivanta Children’s Hospital NICU.

Whereas she could not be fed adequately due to the immaturity of her gut and at the time of birth she even lost weight too, but after seven weeks she was able to consume milk. Doctors put her on the advanced respiratory support ventilator; she also received blood transfusions. She spent 210 days in NICU. Meanwhile, Dr Sunil Janged, chief neonatologist and the director of the hospital said that the baby girl was born, they were unsure of further happenings. As she was fighting to breathe, so the doctors quickly put on advanced respiratory support ventilator to extend her immature and little lungs.

He further added that he decided to save the baby girl’s life by making available all the necessary medical care to spread the message of protection of girl child. Especially in the state like Rajasthan where female baby abortions are so prevalent, this step is very necessary to raise awareness and stop the bad practice. Even though the baby has only 0.5 percent chances of survival, her mother and hospital staff tried their best to save the child.


The treatment may have charged the aged couple around one million rupees for the medical care and services but the doctors charged very low amount for the services because of the low family income. Parents of Manushi were extremely proud of their daughter’s survival and says that Manushi fought and fought against all the odds and she made it. Her 50-years-old father Giriraj calls her a real-life miracle.


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