Sleeping under artificial light can make you fat, claims study

A new study has revealed that people who sleep under some form artificial light like night lamp, TV, smartphones, etc, are at higher risk of gaining weight and become obese when compared to those who sleep under complete dark. Scientists believe that exposure to artificial light has significant negative impact on health and makes one fat.

The researchers at Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands conducted a survey and found that exposure to artificial light disrupts the biological clock of the body. Also, it affects brown fat cells in the body which are responsible for burning calories. Researchers explained that an imbalanced biological clock creates an imbalance in autonomous biological functions in the body and affects the body adversely.

In the study, researchers found that most people stay online for nearly 20 hours a week while these figures rise to 27 hours a week with people between the age of 16 to 24 hours. Researchers said that not only sleeping under light triggers obesity but people with greater exposure to devices like TV and smartphones also tend to put on more weight.

Sander Kooijman, a researcher, said that the increasing prevalence of obesity was associated with a disrupted sleep-wake pattern in humans and coincides with the availability of artificial light. Also, with obesity comes the fear of several other disease including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. Hence, it is best to turn off all the lights while sleeping.

The researched appeared in National Academy of Sciences journal Proceedings.

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