Sleeping too much or too less, get ready to die early

A sound sleep, that’s all it takes to boost your memory. In a new findings, researchers have revealed that people who had proper sleep last night have double the chances of recalling and remembering things. The effect of sound sleep is so pronounce that it enables a person to remember completely forgotten things too.

Researchers from the University of Exter, UK conducted the study and found that the sleep affected cognitive functions of the brain on a much larger scale than previously thought. For the study, researchers analysed a group of people and made them learn some new words. Study authors divided the participants in two groups. Group one was allowed to sleep while people in group two stayed awake for 12 hours. After a period of 12 hours researchers asked participants from both the groups to recall what they had learned some times ago.

After anaysing the data, study authors found that the people in group one who slept for 12 hours were twice likely to recall the word when compared to their group two counterparts.

While explaining psychologist Dr Nicolas Dumay, from the University of Exeter said that sleep enhances the memory accessibility and cognitive functions which enables a person to recall and remember better when compared to those who are awake all night. He further added that the study also supports the notion that while sleep our brain continously works on information marked as important, this way it helps in boosting memory.

Although the study has given a deeper insight into how sleep enhances memory and other cognitive functions, still more research is needed into the functional significance of this rehearsal and whether, for instance, it allows memories to be accessible in a wider range of contexts, hence making them more useful.

According to Dr Dumay, hippocompus ( part of brain thought to be the centre of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system ) plays a vital role in boosting memory.

Moreover, previous studies have shown that how sleep plays a key role in exam and can significantly improve results. Also sleeping less triggers several diseases including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

The study appeared in the journal Cortex.

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