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Slay the Spire Mod Apk v2.2.4: Most played game of 2019 for free!

Slay the Spire Mod Apk


The entertainment industry is coming up with new ideas everyday. New games are introduced regularly in different genres. But the games are sorted according to the age groups. On the other hand, children prefer to play games of genres like racing, action, fighting. Meanwhile, adults like to play puzzle games, card games which are easier to play yet fun.

Hence, we are introducing every adult out there and children to this game called “Slay the Spire”. Perhaps this is a strategy game. Still, this game provides players with a range of new emotions.
This is definitely a game that immerses you in a smart strategy game-play experience. Certainly, the game-play is simplistic and straightforward. But there is a dynamic interplay of multiple factors. The challenges presented in Slay the Spire will undoubtedly surprise you. However, this card game would require players to go on a lot of adventures.

You can easily download this game and start playing right away that too, for free.



Publisher Humble Bundle
Version 2.2.4
OS Android 6.0+
Category Cards
MOD Features Not available
Size 78 mb
Google Play Link

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Although this game looks easy, it requires building up of strategy and understanding the game thoroughly to win the battle.

Beginning of the Adventure:

When it comes to going forward in Slay the Spire, players have a lot of choices. This game allows you to travel in one direction at a time. However, to determine the obstacles you are about to face, you can only look ahead a short distance. Moreover, there will be symbols on the map that reflect the obstacles you will face. Hence, choose the simpler direction if you aren’t ready for strong bosses.

The game has rational style. The longer the promotion path, the more relaxed you choose the path. Certainly, continuing with the right option would easily lead to success on the road to the Spire’s conquest.

The game of Cards:

The power used to aid the hero is present in the cards of this game. Your character bears the unbeatable fighting power in his hands. But, on the other hand, his energy is minimal. Therefore, you must combine powerful effects with these cards to quickly finish off your opponent before it destroys you.

Moreover, there are different powers for different cards like attack, defense, etc. The creator of this game has created as many different deck cards as possible. Hence, you’ll be using a lot of unique cards, which will create exciting game-play.

Using effects effectively would cause the attack and defense to be more powerful and strong, respectively. Other than that, combining the cards would increase the chances of winning against the enemies.

The Silence before the Battle:

Players will receive five cards on the screen as soon as they enter to fight the enemy. They’ll be chosen at random from the deck you made earlier. Moreover, there will be a different amount of energy for each card. Therefore, only 5 cards can be chosen that are appropriate for the situation.

You’ll see how much harm the enemy can do to you the next turn before each attack. So, you have the choice of attacking or defending. Se a good effect card right away. If you have one, then use all of your energy points to do the defense.

In the next turn, strike with all of your might. If you’re lucky enough to pull off this mix a few times, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

Also, apart from the main mode, you can engage in regular challenge activities additionally. The fights are more challenging here, and you have many tasks to achieve. Above all, you can earn achievement points if you complete the game.

This score will be used to rate players on the global leader board by the framework.

Features of Slay the Spire Mod Apk

Constructing Tactics:

In general, deck-building games enable players to devise a successful plan in order to improve their chances of victory in combat. This technique is evident in how to build and use the appropriate cards. Children, as well as adults, learn the tactics of the games to win the battle easily.


Aside from the cards, you’ll need a role-playing character. Ironclad, Silent, and Defect are the three characters to choose from. Certainly, each one has a distinct advantage.

  • The Ironclad has the most hit points and is a fighter with good offense and defense. In addition, he has the ability to boost his power and improve the damage of his attacks. After each encounter, his starting relic allows him to heal hit points.
  • The Silent, on the other hand, is a rogue-style huntress with low hit points. His priorities are defense and stacking poison attacks to inflict increasing amounts of damage. The Silent draws an additional two cards at the start of each battle.
  • The Defect is an automaton with four different forms of orbs, each with its own set of skills.

Unlike the Ironclad and the Silent, the Defect’s gameplay style is different. Instead of dealing burst damage to take out opponents, the Defect plays defense while slowly building card synergy and strength.

Discovering Relics:

Relics are powerful items that can be found all over the Spire. Through powerful interactions, the effects of these relics can greatly improve your deck. But beware, acquiring a relic can cost you more than just gold.

This adventurous game will definitely increase the interest of players in the game.

Multiple layouts:

The structure of the Spire changes every time you take a trip. Choose a dangerous or safe course, face various enemies, choose various cards, discover various relics, and even battle various bosses!

Additional Information:

  • 3 Different Characters
  • 50+ Mysterious events
  • 50+ Combats
  • 200+ items to be searched
  • 2 different modes: Main mode and Custom Mode
  • Daily and weekly scoreboards

How to download Slay the Spire Mod Apk:

This game can be easily downloaded by following the steps provided below:

  1. Click the link provided below to download the game.
  2. Also, download the OBB Link provided as it contains some additional files required for the game.
  3. After downloading the game, install the game on your Smartphone.
  4. Allow the third-party application to be installed on your Smartphone.
  5. Now the game is ready to be played.
  6. Enjoy the game for free.





It’s difficult to explain why Slay the Spire is so intriguing. Perhaps, you might be able to change by learning from your mistakes. This is an ancient theme-based adventure cum card game, suitable for children as well as adults.

The story’s plot revolves around the cursed adventures trying to reach the highest point of inconsistent revival trying to defeat the evil. The main motive of the game is winning of good over evil. We also get to learn a lot from this game. We know how choosing a wrong option, like choosing a wrong deck of cards, may lead us into trouble. We can learn painful life lessons through this game. But the progression in the game would certainly provide positivity.

Certainly, this game is absolutely addictive, and is highly suggested to all age group users. You can easily get this game by reading this article further.

Slay the Spire Mod Apk: FAQs

Is this game available free of cost? 

Yes, this game is available absolutely free of cost.

2. Does this game comes with age restrictions?

No, this game can be played by any age group persons.

3. Is this game safe to play?

Definitely, this game is safe to play.

4. Will this APK Game banned?

No, there are certainly very few chances of this game getting banned.

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