Skype rolls out updated version, adds voicemail and easy-to-call features


Microsoft has started rolling out a new and upgraded version of Skype for its entire user base. According to the official announcement, Skype is pushing its new version with added improvements and new features like easy-to-make-call and voicemail options.

Skype in an official blog post has mentioned that, in the new version of the App, the button ‘Call Phones’ is renamed as ‘Calls’ tab. And by tapping on the ‘Calls’ button, users can get access to speedy and easy one-tap calling feature for all types-free Skype-to-Skype audio or video calls. The newly added options also enable the callers to make calls to mobile or landline numbers which are enrolled with the Skype Credit. The blog post also declared that the new updated version of Skype would be first rolled out on Android platforms and while iOS users will get later access to the new features.

With the latest version of Skype, making a group call has become much easier than ever. The users who started a group call needn’t have to stay on the line for continuing the call. Instead, others recipients also can go on with the call even if the person who started the call ring off. The new updated feature will be more beneficial for group calls, as if the one who initiate the call ring off, others can continue with the call. Previously, the initiating caller needs to stay on the line to carry on the call, which with the new version Skype has dropped off.

Along with the easy-to-make call option, Skype also has added the facility for dropping voicemail if the recipient is not picking up the call. The new version will facilitate the Skype users with the options to leave a voicemail in chat message or video format if their calls or messages get unanswered by a person or a group. However, in the blog post, Microsoft also clarified that, with the new version, it is making some changes including the exclusion of the custom voicemail greetings, email notifications, and SMS transcript from the app.

The season has made us witnessing a number of upgraded versions of social networking, and cross-platform instant messaging apps and Sky is no different. Back in July, Skype publicised its market plan and said that the company is more focusing on transitioning Skype from traditional to contemporary, mobile friendly cloud design and following this statement, the parental company has launched the update.

Previously, while announcing the new update for Skype, Microsoft was reported to simplify the app with one-tap entrance to key calling features, and it kept its promise too.

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