Skype v6.25 for iOS rolled out, Integrated with Siri and CallKit support

skype for iOS

The iOS 10 is nothing than a wonder for the tech world. With a number of improvisations, modifications, and add-ons, the new OS version of Apple dates back a couple of weeks. Accompanying a number of advancements, the new OS of Apple is symbolising a perfect fusion of modernity, technological progression, and easiness. If you are using Skype, the leading video chat site on iOS 10, then here is good news for you. Skype has announced its new version with heaps of improvements and new features, for making its users enjoying more convenience while using the app on iOS.

Skype has brought up a new version of its app with the integration of Apple’s personal tech assistant Siri and CallKit supports.  If you are an iOS 10 user, the Skype is soon going to gift you its new version of v6.25 update which will allow the users to enjoy the features of the app more flawlessly on iPhone or iPads, running on iOS10. On Wednesday, Skype publicized the reports of bringing a new update to its Online Video calling with Siri integration and CallKit supports. The update has already gone live, and Apple users can now download it on their iOS 10 running gadgets.

skype for iOS

The primary motto of this newly upgraded version of Skype is to boost up the functionalities of the App and to develop the convenient support for storing contact details on Skype App running on the iOS 10 version. With the new version, users can now store Skype contact information with the facility of ‘existing contacts or create new ones’ with simply Skype details.

With the Siri integration, users can command the Siri voice assistance to make calls and messages. With the Siri voice-based virtual assistant, users can use their voice command to make calls and send messages on the Skype app. For example, if you want to make a call to XYZ on your Skype account, you needn’t go to the contact list and search for the contact information. You simply need to utter “Call XYZ” and Siri following your voice command will carry out your call request. Moreover, before initiating the call, Siri will also ask the users to confirm if it is the same person or not.

In addition to this, Skype for iOS also introduces the CallKit supports which will allow the users to consign calls on Skype just like they do in regular calls. With the support of CallKit, users can place their calls via Skype with the Contacts app or Phone app on iOS. Moreover, a user can also take the help of Siri to carry out the task. For example, only by saying “Call Zac Hall,” you can place the call on the stored Skype contact information quickly.

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