sixth mass extinction

As per a new study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Earth may come across with sixth mass extinction by the year 2100. This will happen due to the increasing carbon pressure on oceans. The study is based on the mathematical analysis of last five mass extinction happened in past 540 million years.

The study was conducted by Daniel H. Rothman, Who is the professor of geophysics at MIT’s Department of Earth. This study was published in the international scientific journal ‘Science Advances.’

One thing which is common in all the extinctions is high-rise in global carbon which leads in destabilisation of every ecosystem, with an impact on oceans as well. Rothman spotted a threshold of catastrophe in the carbon cycle. If the catastrophe exceeded then it can lead to an unstable environment which will cause mass extinction in the end. According to the study, that amount is about 310 gigatons, which is approximately equivalent to the amount of the carbon, human activities may add to the world’s oceans by the year 2100.

While concluding the study, Rothman said that a catastrophe might happen tomorrow. He explained, if the situation left unchecked then the carbon cycle can move to a realm which won’t be stable, and the level of difficulty could be unpredictable. So, in the past of geology, this type of behavior is correlated to the mass extinction.

He also emphasised that his research draws attention to the imperative of controlling carbon emissions.

The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in July. It is from US scientific journal which claims that sixth mass extinction of species is initiated and describes that factors like overpopulation and overconsumption are the reason behind this. Also, a little time is left for implement the effective action.

As stated by Daniel H. Rothman in the study, the species once shared the planet with the humans, 50% of the number of those animals are already extinct. Meanwhile, on biodiversity, the upcoming decades will see the more shocking assaults.

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