Sikandarabad policeman sets an 11 year old girl on fire

The incident took place in Sikandarabad locality in Madhya Pradesh where an 11-year-old girl was set on fire. The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital but since her burns were of a higher degree, she couldn’t survive the incident.

The policeman who has been alleged to have committed the crime is an assistant sub-inspector of police, Prem Prakash Jaroliya. His statement on the accusation is that he didn’t set her on fire but left her alone in her house.

His side of the story is that one day Prem Prakash Jaroliya returned home to find his neighbour’s daughter riding a bicycle that was supposedly stolen a few days back from his daughter. He lost his temper at the sight and beat the poor girl. But the girl kept saying that she didn’t steal it, and her mother bought it for her. He then took her to her home to confirm this, but he didn’t find the mother, he left the daughter. Later he heard that the girl took her life by burning herself alive.

But Yasmin’s mother Rehana Bi, brother Mehfooz and neighbours’ side of the story ends with him burning the girl alive. Although Prem Prakash Jaroliya has denied all these allegations.

The girl on being burnt was immediately rushed to the MY hospital where she took her last breath after sustaining 96% burns and dying a painful death. Burning alive is said to be the most painful way to leave the world; we can only imagine what the girl went through.

Although Prem Prakash Jaroliya is saying he is innocent and didn’t set the girl on fire, yet he held silence when asked that if the bicycle was stolen then why wasn’t any record of a report lodged for the same.

He may not have committed the crime, but he still initiated the suicide. The investigation is still on, and he will be brought to justice, one way or the other.

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