Sign of Aliens? Red laser above ISS spotted in FOOTAGE

Aliens attack on ISS

After so many rumours about aliens from their existence to spotting alien spacecraft, this year had so many exciting stories about aliens and here is one more for you. Reports from conspiracy theorists have been started surfacing the Internet suggesting that the International Space Station might have come under attack by an alien mothership. These theorists challenge that there is a NASA footage that has taken the mothership blasting laser beam at the space station.

The footage shows an unfamiliar object opposite ISS, which seems to be releasing a red beam light at intervals. The YouTuber Streetcap1, who shares videos of alien sign and UFOs, uploaded the clip “UFO Ifres Red Beam at the ISS” on the social media.

The space station, which orbits 320 km above the Earth, remains unaffected by the laser beam. This video has gained thousands of views and comments since it was shared on YouTube. Various users stated that an “alien mothership is attacking ISS,” while many others said it is just a reflection.

“These lights seemed next to the space station. I reviewed the pre-archive footage, and they don’t seem on any other footage as far as I can see. Look at the red light originating from them and going to the space station. It’s pretty exceptional,” the YouTuber stated.

“Possibly it’s a lens flare, and I don’t know what’s causing it. In the previous shots hours ago there was no sign of it at all. It could be lens flare, but I can not see what was generating it. Its shape was what was most interesting to me.”

“I’ve wondered many times if the ISS has been communicated and visited, landed, by a ‘visitor.’ All of the explorers on the ISS have info we can only imagine about. That beam could be anything from the information or maybe teleportation. We don’t understand so we can let our minds roll with it. That beam is real, the only definite we have!” Cindy WH-Witter said.

Though, not everyone was satisfied that there was an alien attack. “Is it possible its a reflection of the electrical panel inside the ISS?” user Erika Demiral said.

With so many assumptions on this red beam, various people have their imagination. We do not have any specific evidence of this beaming light from NASA or ISS. We are still hoping that it is just a rumour and yes with this statement it is certainly sure that existence of aliens remains as an unsolved puzzle.

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