‘Shame the Rapists’ camp activist Sunitha Krishnan gets attacked

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A viral video came into being around about six months ago which showed two women being gang raped by five men. The disgusting part was that they were smiling all the way through during the commit of this heinous and cruel act.

Sunitha Krishnan found this video a while back as it was circulating through Whatsapp and YouTube and started a campaign saying ‘Shame the Rapists’. She said that they need to track the miscreants through Whatsapp but no such thing has yet been done.

“If you know of anybody who has received any such videos, inform me at,” she posted on her Facebook page. “I don’t know how many people saw these videos and remained silent. WE WILL NOT,” she said on NDTV. YouTube has also taken the video down as it violates its terms of service. The victims’ faces have been blurred to protect their identities.

Sunitha was attacked and her car was stoned after she started the moment. When asked about how she felt about this whole incident she said that she isn’t the one to back down from such nasty form of violence. This incident has shown her that she is on the right path and she won’t back down from it.

She will find the culprits, shame them and will bring justice to the poor women who suffered at the hands of these sadists.

She has lodged a complaint against this incident and in response to that Hussainialam Additional Inspector Kiran, has visited the spot and collected details.

The rapists are a bane to the society and the public needs to make it come to an end. People need to break their silence in such cases and come forth to fight against this injustice. Blame the rapists not the victims. We need to support the victims who have been scarred for life with this hideous act of shamelessness.

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