Shame on India, more girls die than boys: Report

It is already a matter of shame that India has very poor sex ratio and men outnumber women by a huge margin, but there’s something else which is even more worrying. A new UN report suggests that large number of girls die before the age of five when compared to the number of boys in India suggesting that poor sex ratio is bound to worsen in future and will not improve until strict actions are not taken now.

In report by “The World’s Women 2015” it was mentioned that most of the Asia including eastern Asia, southern Asia, Oceania, and western Asia have surplus men, where male outnumber females by a big margin. The three regions — Eastern Asia (50.5 million surplus men), Southern Asia (49.5 million surplus men) and Western Asia ( 12.1 million surplus men) have largest disparity mainly due to China, India and Saudi Arabia respectively.

When it comes to country basis, China is the leaderboard with 52 million more men than women while India is not far behind with 43 million surplus men. In the report, it was mentioned that due to such poor sex ratio in these two most populated, we are seeing such huge difference on the global scale. Report also points out that sex-selective abortions are illegal in India since 1996, but it has had little effect so far on the sex ratio at birth as doctors still to abortions for the sake of money.

What’s more concerning is that India has the lowest sex ratio in under 5 mortality and 100 girls die before the age of five whereas 93 boys die before 5. It is worst under-5 sex-ratio in the world. In addition, India is the only country where under-5 mortality sex ratio under 100 (more girls die than boys).

21 percent of all under-5 deaths in the year 2013 were from India which has drastically brought down the average for Southern Asia as a whole and the entire world. Report states that poor sex ratio and high  mortality rate of girls is a result of general preference of parents for son in India. The report also pointed towards child marriage where Indian accounts for one-third of the total child marriages that occur in the world.

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