Before the sudden twitter fight between scientist Gautam R. Desiraju and a science communicator, no one really thought about the topic in this way. However, with the populace of this social media fight, communication gap with the scientists came into context. The question arises, “Shall scientists convey about their gist of work to the general public?”.

Actual point is, the citizens of the country are responsible for paying tax and a portion of that amount generated through taxes are provided to the research centers to conduct research and discover new things. However, the general public is never informed about the type or duration of research which are planned to be conducted. People come to know about scientists and their research, only when a certain study comes into the limelight or breaks the headline of the morning newspaper.

In a communication with the scientists, it was found that scientists are not comfortable to share their research segments, publically to the media, because of three reasons. First, it is difficult to communicate with the non-science public in scientific terms and explain the necessity of the research to be conducted. Secondly, the media takes a single word into one-page long morning headline news, which in turn becomes tough for the scientists to explain the proper format to the general public. And lastly, it hampers their research method.

The social media fight between the two science contributors, made the point very clear, that while one sector of the science department wants to communicate with the general public the other sector still have a doubt on the creditability of the public. However, keeping in mind, that the researches are all funded by the general public through tax paying mode, it’s a human right of the general public to learn and know about what the scientists are up to. At least a basic communication with the scientists is necessary to keep the system on track.

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Kanishk Singh, co-founder, and editor-in-chief at The TeCake, has forayed in the Science and Space for over five years, he enjoys his stint as an editor of several local magazines. He has written several editorials and high-level documentations.

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