Sex is comparatively beneficial for older women than men

Sex is comparatively beneficial for older women than men

Even though human anatomy states that woman loses their inherent urge for engaging in sex after menopause, recent studies have shown that older women are more likely to gain benefits from the act of passion. On the other hand, men face critical issues with sex after a certain age.

A group of researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) supported by the US National Institutes of Health published a study online on September with the title of ‘Journal of Health and Social Behavior’, which is said to be the first large-scale study of how sex affects heart health later in life.

A therapeutic exploration hung on sexual exercises of men and women said that sex could be hazardous for men after a particular age, while turned out to be more helpful for old ladies. A journal of the study published on Tuesday, 6th September as indicated by which fulfilling sexual movement postures cardiovascular risks for older men, yet regular orgasmic sex could really shield maturing ladies from certain wellbeing issues. The study authors measured cardiovascular risk as hypertension, rapid heart rate, elevated C-reactive protein and cardiovascular events including heart attack, heart failure and stroke for old men.

According to the study, older men who engaged in sexual relations once per week or more were considerably more liable to encounter cardiovascular occasions five years after the men who were sexually dormant. However, these risks are not found among older ladies. The  the strain and demands from a sexual relationship might be more important for men as they get more older, turn out to be progressively delicate and endure more sexual issues.

According to Hui Liu, an associate professor of sociology at Michigan State University and lead author of the large-scale study said that “These findings challenge the widely held assumption that sex brings uniform health benefits to everyone.”

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