Sergio Mattarella elected as Italy President

Sergio Mattarella, a 73-year-old Sicilian judge, has become Italy’s President by defeating Silvio Berlusconi who stood in opposition. After three inconclusive rounds, he won in the fourth secret ballot with a majority that was kept by the lawmakers.

He needed 505 votes out to 1009, to win in majority, but he won by gathering a total votes of 665 out of 1009. Berlusconi is said to have lost because his own party members are not under grip and when he said that the fourth ballet is an outrage and they should cast blank ballots but at least 30 of his party members refused and this may have been the reason of his downfall. This also indicated that his grip on his party Forza Italia may be not as strong as he though it to be.

The selection of the new President was revealed through numerous buzz tweets congratulating the new President on his success.

“My thoughts go, above all, and before everything, to the difficulties and hopes of our fellow citizens. That’s enough,” Mattarella said his first words to the country at his court office.

Sergio Mattarella is said to be an anti-corruption supporter and believes in not indulging in dirty politics but speaks only when it is essential. He doesn’t have much of a political career to show for but he has gained popularity among the people because of his integrity and ideologies.
He also lost his politician brother at the hands of a Mafia and took his last breath in his arms. Since then he had decided to work hard in the direction to remove all the terrorism and corruption off his country.

Two-time premier Romano Prodi also took Mattarella’s favor saying that he will know how to unite the country and be able to represent the country at all the highest institutions.

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