Haryana selfie with daughters contest

Haryana has a very low sex ratio and to address the issue, a village panchayat in Kind has launched a creative initiative. The panchayat has launched ‘selfie with daughter‘ contest.

In this contest launched by Bibipur village panchayat, parents from across the state will click selfies with their daughters and send it to village sarpanch Sunil Jaglan through Whatsapp Village panchayat has declared an award for the prize winners.

The best three selfies will be given trophies, certificates and cash prizes as declared by the village panchayat.

Thirty women sarpanchs and aanganwaadi workers have been entrusted with the responsibility of judging the selfies sent by people.  The delegation of women sarpanchs and aanganwaadi workers will visit the village on June 19 and the delegation from Punjab will also learn and discuss about panchayat’s efforts to prevent female foeticide. Discussions and collaborative mechanisms to elevate women’s stand in society will also be on board.

Jaglan said that over 100 selfies have already been receives in just three days. According to Jaglan, the initiative will improve the significance of daughters in houses as generally people do not have daughter’s pictures in homes.

The panchayat is contributing to ‘beti bachao-beti padhao’ campaign through the initiative which taps on latest selfie craze to encourage parents to click pictures with their daughters, added Jaglan.

Haryana has always been at the lowest rung when it comes to sex ration. At present, it is amongst the lowest five states in terms of sex ratio and it witnessed a marginal increase from 868 in 2013 to 871 in 2014.

The selfie craze is also being applied to mark the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil. Village panchayat has planned to develop a Bismil selfie spot at lado sarovar and make it in a way that more and more people can be accommodated in picture

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