The founder of SpaceX and CEO of the company, Elon Musk has recently introduced its new space suit. With a new and stunning look, the new ultra-sleek space suit looks very sci-fi. The images of the new space suit were posted on Instagram by Musk mentioning Astronaut spacesuit next to Crew Dragon.

Before revealing the space suit, Musk posted a picture a few months ago showing an astronaut wearing a space suit, i.e., SpaceX’s new space suit. But later he revealed that it was the original SpaceX’s spacesuit. The spacesuit has been tested to double vacuum pressure. When one see’s the suit, they can feel a combination of Daft punk and Mass Effect.

Along with the suits, SpaceX has also revealed its modern revolutionised space craft Crew Dragon. This fully hybrid capsule is totally autonomous and can be operated by astronauts who are in the capsule and can be controlled from SpaceX mission control.

As per the report, this revolution in the era of space suits has proved that it has taken mankind to the highest level of inter planetary exploration and space travel. The suits will be worn by crew members of the SpaceX Dragon capsule that will be taken to the international space station or beyond.

After wearing the suits, the astronaut will feel that he/she is acting in a movie and will look very heroic. After seeing these suits, some also say that the well-known customs designer Jose Fernandez who has designed costumes for movies like Batman, Iron Man and the avengers has helped Musk in designing the high-class space suit.

With some ideas and goals, Elon Musk, a billionaire has planned something extraordinary for people. In a short period, SpaceX has created some tremendous achievement in the field of Space travel. The company has done many things to explore the space, and still, it’s going deeper and deeper.

As per a report, SpaceX is the first company who has achieved the commercial cargo mission to the space station. Its new suit and the Crew Dragon will now boost the process further in running commercial flight and transport people to the International Space Station (ISS). The company aims to take a private paying citizen to the Moon by 2018. Besides that, the company also expects that by 2060 it will be able to do round trip for humans to Mars.

However, with SpaceX, other new and advanced space suits will also be introduced to make space travel better and safer. Now the only thing left to see is that what kind revolution the new suit will play in future and how SpaceX will fulfil its dream to take people to Mars.

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  1. Tested to “double vacuum pressure” eh? I doubt that’s how SpaceX phrased it, lol.
    (They tested it IN vacuum, containing two atm or double INTERNAL pressure…)


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