Scientists say mummy found in 2003 is actually a female human being and not an alien

Scientists say mummy found in 2003 is actually a female human being and not an alien

After watching sci-fi movies, you’ll probably have a description of how an alien might look like. This is what happened back in 2003 when a mummy sort of skeleton was found in the Atacama Desert which looked too bizarre to be a human. There were many features that distinguished it from a human remains and that is why the news of an alien being found soon spread like a fire. But, after an extensive study spanning over 15 years, scientists have proclaimed that the mummified skeleton found is an actual human and that the news about it being an alien is a hoax.

According to the study, the skeleton found in the Atacama Desert was just 6-inches long and estimated to be of a 6-year-old human. However, it wasn’t developed enough to resemble the remains of a human being in that age group and stature. Moreover, even the gender of the mummy was unidentified until further researchers were done on it. The mummy was kept in a private collection until 2009. It was unveiled to the scientists to conduct tests only in 2012 where scientists were asked to conducted CAT scans, x-rays, genetic sampling and other tests. What’s more interesting is that when imaging was done on the mummy, remains of heart and lungs were found within the body. It is due to the fact that the Atacama Desert is an arid region and can preserve such biological material well-preserved.

A recent study published by the scientists at the Institute for Computational Health Science, University of California stated that the skeleton found in 2003 was indeed of a mutant and not of an alien. The tests conducted on the skeleton showed that the gender of this human being was female and that it suffered from a stack of rare genetic diseases which gave it an unusual appearance. Named as ‘Ata’, researchers stated that she died around 40 years ago with an array of genetic diseases including the one which prematurely aged her bones.

Scientists believed that the mummy had seven genetic deformities which included skeletal dysplasia that explains its small size. The recent study has discouraged and disappointed alien enthusiasts and the scientists who still believe it to be an alien visitor.

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