Scientists say, edges of Spiral Galaxies are best places for black-hole merger

According to a latest research, it has been found out that the edge of the spiral galaxies could be the most suitable place for black hole collision and merger. A group of researchers led by an Indian origin scientist, Sukanya Chakrabarti, assistant professor of Rochester Institute of Technology, have revealed that the edges of the spiral galaxies like that of our Milky Way galaxy could be crowded with colliding black holes of massive proportions. This could prove to be the exact location of black hole merger which is believed to be the source of gravitational waves.

The research is based on the fourth ever detection gravitational waves by the LIGO observatory on August 14. LIGO found out that the gravitational waves- ripples in the fabric of space and time-come out from the merger of two black holes. So, the research team at RIT made a thorough research about these gravitational waves and discovered something unique about its source. Yes, they found out that conditions favorable for black hole mergers exist in the outer gas disks of big spiral galaxies. So, identifying those host galaxies of colliding and merging massive black holes could explain the formation of orbiting pairs of black holes.

The latest finding is very crucial because until now small satellites or dwarf galaxies were thought to have the most suitable environment for hosting black holes. It is because these dwarf galaxies do not have many stars or heavy metals left over from the supernovae. But the problem was that these galaxies were too small to detect any black hole merger. So, bigger galaxies are easier to find.

Dr. Chakrabarti said that the metal content in the outer disks of spiral galaxies is also quite low and should be rife with black holes in this large area. She again said that if we can see the light from a black-hole merger, we can pinpoint where it is in the sky, then we can infer the parameters that drive the life cycle of the universe as a whole, and that’s the holy grail for cosmology. This latest research will definitely help scientists get more information about the gravitational waves and the galaxies hosting the black holes. In this way, we can have a deeper look into the Universe.

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