Scientists reveal new species of Dinosaur which is 120-million-years-old

Scientists revealed new species of Dinosaur which is 120-million-years-old

Scientists from the Tomsk State University worked to discover the specimens, parts of teeth and sacrum. Investigators found the huge creature with a long neck and tail in the Kemerovo region in Siberia. Scientists claim that this dinosaur is around 100 million years old and they consider that the dino was about 12 meters in length and ten tons in weight. The herbivorous dinosaurs are said to have had a sturdy and strong tail, but this was far from being the largest of its kind.

By seeing the specimens collected scientists assumed and built a profile of the huge dinosaur of its type was discovered in Russia. The remains were originally found in 2008 a sandstone cliff and scientists did a particular extraction operation. After extraction of the fossils, they found out that this is a dinosaur species. Then the creature was named as sibirotitan astrosacralis because of the area it was inhabited in. In the research scientist found out the ribs arranges in the star shape. Other remains of this species sauropod, the Tengrisaurus was revealed in 2017.

This species of dinosaur is considered very big and have long tails as well as neck with columnar limbs. This particular dinosaur showed approximately around one-fourth species of dinosaur. Better examples of these giants are more commonly known as Brontosaurus and Diplodocus.

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