These are the Top 17 images of Earth in 2017 shot from space by NASA

aurora borealis

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, the US space agency has handpicked top 17 photos captured by astronauts aboard International Space Station and several other earth monitoring satellites from space. NASA had tons of breathtaking images of Earth and it was really hard for the scientists to handpick few images from the lot.

Scientists in the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston were made the judges to select the best photos of Earth shot from space in 2017.

While filtering the images, scientists found few irresistible including a brilliant green-and-purple aurora borealis display over Canada; the red, vein-like tributaries of the Betsiboka Estuary in Madagascar; and a glittering web of lights created by large cities like London and Naples, Italy.

Here are Top 17 Pick most stunning images in 2017

Hurricane Jose – Caribbean

Hurricane Jose hit its peak recorded wind speed of 155mph when this image was taken, as the storm's eye barely missed Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles.

Sunrise – Philippine Sea

Namib Desert – Namibia

City Lights – Northeastern USA

Meidob Volcanic Field – Sudan

Aurora Borealis – Canada

Solar Evaporation Ponds – Utah

Betsiboka Estuary – Madagascar

Lake Alakol with Ice – Kazakhstan

City Lights – Northwestern Europe

Big Island – Hawaii

Mount Etna Erupting – Sicily

Cosmoledo Atoll – Seychelles

Checkerboarding – Idaho

Mauna Loa – Hawaii

Naples and Mount Vesuvius at Night – Italy

Fending Off the Wind on the Steppe – Russia

You can get high-resolution of the images along with detailed information here.

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