Scientists Find Out Reasons behind Women’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Are you worried about your growing waistline after pregnancy? Do you know the reason behind the post-pregnancy weight gain? Well, this question has kept on intriguing scientists since long, and in a recent breakthrough, scientists finally find out the reason behind it. Earlier, most of us believe the pregnancy and the drugs taken during this period to be the real cause behind the extending waistline of the body. But the new international findings have alleged the lifestyle choice of the pregnant women for their intensifying obesity post delivery.

While most moms blame pregnancy for their growing fatness after the delivery period, scientists have found out lifestyle choices to be the primary cause behind the post-delivery weight gain. The study, carried out by the researchers at the University of Michigan in the US has claimed that the weight gain after pregnancy firmly depends upon the choices of lifestyle, selected by the women after the delivery of their baby.

As highlighted by the study, pregnancy do impinges on a woman’s body and brings a number of changes to functional system and organism of the body. But those who put the entire blame of body’s heaviness on the pregnancy are mistaken. The choices of lifestyle after the delivery period have significant impacts on women’s weight. According to the new study, mothers keep gaining weight by consuming food from the plate, left by their children.

They also keep sitting down for extended periods while soothing their babies. In addition to these factors, there are some other factors like sleep deprivation also influence the weight of the new moms. After delivering babies, most of the new moms suffer from inadequate sleep, which boosts their craving for food and appetite. All these aspects mutually contribute to the weight gain of the new moms claimed the new study published in a recent journal.

For conducting the research, the research team from the University of Michigan in the US, led by Olga Yakusheva, Associate Professor of the same university, scrutinised the data received from 30,000 women have 1-4 children. Though all the participants gained weight attributable to their maturity, the researcher detected a sharp dissimilarity between the weight gain pattern of the women who delivered the baby and those who did not. By the time their newborns became toddlers; their moms are found to put on at least one pound more weight in every one year in comparison to those who were childless.

However, if women maintain a healthy diet, curb the extra calories in their food, and work out regularly; then they can achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle, suggested the research.

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