This ‘flickering’ black hole stuns scientists, it burps

A supermassive black hole is there in the galaxy that ‘burps’, not only once, but twice. Yes, you have heard it right. The gigantic black hole eats up the massive violent stars and the hot cosmic gas and releases burps in the form of highly charged particles having tremendous energy. The scientist got hold of this double burping humongous black hole after going through the data collected by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope as well that Chandra X-ray Observatory.

The double burping supermassive black hole is situated at the center of a galaxy named SDSS J1354+1327, which is situated about 800-million light-years away from Earth. The image of the galaxy harboring the massive black hole was released by the scientists at American Astronomical Society’s winter meeting in National Harbor. Earlier also scientists were aware of the fact that the massive black holes belch, but this was for the first time that the scientists traced a supermassive black hole that burps not only once but twice. Julie Comerford, an astronomer at the University of Colorado Boulder, explained that blackholes are generally considered as voracious eaters, but their latest study concluded that these massive cosmic bodies do not have very good table manner.

Comerford said, “We know a lot of examples of black holes with single burps emanating out, but we discovered a galaxy with a supermassive black hole that has not one but two burps.” As per the scientists, the span between two burps is almost 100,000 years. When the scientists analyzed the X-ray data collected by the Chandra-X Observatory, they found out that the supermassive black hole is surrounded by a thick cloud of cosmic dust and gas.

As per the Chandra team, the first case of burping of galaxy occurred when electrons got stripped from atoms “in a cone of gas extending about 30,000 light years south from the galaxy’s center”. Then after 100,000 years, a second burp occurred when the black hole engulfed a different clump of cosmic gas. This time, the evidence of burp was in the form of shock waves similar to sonic booms, that occurred to the north of galaxy, almost 3000 light years away from the black hole. Comerford said, ‘We are seeing this object feast, burp, and nap, and then feast and burp once again, which theory had predicted. She added that they were fortunate enough to observe the J1354 galaxy at a time when they could clearly witness evidence for both the events. As per the scientists, the massive black holes go on combining and growing and have the ability to switch their power off and on again over short timescales.

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  • Is eating Radish salad restricted for the black holes ?, which invariably causes people to burp, & so does coke. ….

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