Scientists to develop a robotic cat that has Artificial Intelligence infused in it to help older people

As per the latest reports, scientists have started a new research in which are planning to inject Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a robotic cat. They say that, with the help of AI, the robotic cats could actually respond to the requirements of elderly people and could accompany them in doing different works.

According to the experts, the AI-based robotic cat can reminding their owner to take their medicine or help them find their eyeglasses and can also give them company, which they need the most. At present, a robot cat called ‘Joy for All’ made by Hasbro is available in the market which is aimed at older people and is meant to act as their companion. They have very limited movement and can do limited works. As of now, the robotic cat meows and purrs and even asks for a belly rub by licking its paw and rolling over.

So, the scientists want to develop additional capabilities for the cat so that it could do simple tasks for the elderly people with more efficiency. For that purpose, National Science Foundation has given a three year, $1 million grant to toymaker Hasbro and the scientists at Brown University so that both could combine their resources develop ways to infuse Artificial Intelligence to Hasbro’s “Joy for All” robotic cat.

Mainly, the researchers at Brown’s Humanity-Centered Robotics Initiative are focusing on figuring out the tasks that make the most sense, the tasks that could help older people to a great extent and could help them stay in their own homes for a longer span. For example, the robotic cats will help the owners find their lost objects, will remind them to take medicine or to go to a doctor’s appointment and many more “It’s not going to iron and wash dishes,” said. “Nobody expects them to have a conversation. Nobody expects them to move around and fetch a newspaper. They’re really good at providing comfort,” said Bertram Malle, a professor of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences at Brown University.

Malle said that he and his colleague Michael Littman do not want to make any big promises regarding their upcoming AI-based robotic cat. They just want that the cat should be affordable and should be able to do small sets of tasks with greater efficiency. They have named their project ARIES which stands for Affordable Robotic Intelligence for Elderly Support, or ARIES. The research team consists of scientists from Brown’s medical school, area hospitals and a designer at the University of Cincinnati.

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