Scientists captured the super-massive black hole while burping

Scientists captured the super-massive black hole while burping

A team of researcher found out that the enormous black hole was taking burp. It was spotted reflecting bright light because of the excessive gas it inhaled. Scientists recorded two belches in a row. These supermassive black holes are million times heavier than the Sun and scientists consider that these holes are in the centre of every galaxy. The black hole living in the middle of a highly bright celestial object is named a quasar.

Scientists captured images of burping of the black hole and presented it to the American Astronomical Society. Researchers said that they could see this object having meal, nap and belch and repeating these activities. Investigators said that they are very fortunate that they observed this galaxy in a moment where they were able to see both these events very clearly. The Galaxy is known as J1354, which is around 900 million light years away from Earth.

The team of scientists utilised two different space telescopes to observe this event. One was Hubble Space Telescope, and another one was Chandra X-ray Observatory. The team found radiation at the centre of the galaxy that showed that the black hole was feasting about million years ago. They saw a loop of gas that indicated the more recent belch. The telescope captured a large number of radiations emitting from J1354, shows that the black hole lies within a dense cloud of dust and gas.

There is also an evidence that the black hole of the Milky Way belched as well maybe once. Scientists discovered clouds of gas extending from the core in an outward direction in an event million years ago. This speed suggests that the black hole of Milky Way will surely going to burp again soon. Julie Comerford, a scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder, stated that right now the supermassive black hole is in the sleep phase of the feats-burp-nap cycle and it’s just waiting for its next meal.

Julie also said that this galactic burp is nothing to worry about. She continued that if the black hole of the Milky Way becomes active again, it would be fine because Earth is far away from it. She added that if our solar system was close to the black hole than it would be hazardous for us. Comerford said that these events of bubbles appear after a black hole feeding process. Scientists consider that the black hole exploded the gas twice because it might have two meals at the same time.

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