Hidden Planet Nine behind Sun’s tilt; Hunt for mysterious planet heats up

Scientists blame unseen Planet Nine for the tilt in our Solar System

The formation of our planet and the subsequent discoveries of planets have led to several speculations surrounding the mystery of the cosmos. While many theories have established that drastic phenomenon in the universe has been caused due to chaos, they have remained ambiguous owing to the lack of practical evidence. Astronomers have vested their interests in searching for new planets, and the discovery of ‘Planet Nine’ in our solar system could be considered as one of their prominent milestones.

Earlier this year, a team of astronomers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) announced the discovery of a new mysterious planet that was ten times bigger than the dimension of Earth and said to exist around 19 billion miles away from earth. While the discoveries and researches on this new planet called “Planet Nine” is still kept the world baffling, a new theory has come to the forefront, giving the scientists a new salient concern for the existing solar system.

Though astronomers yet haven’t found the Planet Nine, yet its presence is notable. As believed by the cosmologists, “Planet Nine,” which is alleged to exist beyond Pluto, is so huge that it might have tilted the whole planetary group. The gigantic supposed entity, which is purportedly looming at the edge of our nearby planetary system, has been summoned to clarify the bizarre bunching of articles in the Kuiper belt and the surprising way they circle the Sun.

The founder of Planet Nine – Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of Caltech, along with graduate student Elizabeth Bailey have discovered an new theory that offer an additional piece of confirmation for the indefinable sphere’s survival: The researchers said that the new planet – Planet Nine is causing vibration to the solar system, which is sloping it in relation to the sun.

The lead author of the study, Elizabeth  Bailey said, Planet Nine is one of the giant objects found in the solar system and has a sloping track compared in comparison to other planets. Because it has a large shape and a long track, the solar system has no other options but to gradually entwine out of position. He further said that all the planets, including Earth, orbit in a horizontal course relating to the Sun, but the new planet twists on a six-degree angle with regard to the equator of the Sun, which is a misalignment and has kept maintaining a long puzzled course for the astronomers.

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