Scientist Venki says awards are milestones for them, just not a prize

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Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, popularly known as Venki said to media that scientists should not work for awards. Awards must be a milestone for more achievements in the case of scientists.

In the award ceremony of the eighth edition of the Infosys Prize ceremony, Nobel Laureate Venki said, “Anyone who has won this award or even other scientists will tell you that they didn’t work hard thinking there would be a big prize at the end of it. But prizes, do serve a useful purpose. They provide publicity to scientists and help to create role models for others who are aspiring the same. Hence they must exist.”

Mr. Venki also added, “Sportspersons, actors and a host of others always get publicity while scientists keep working quietly. I think it is important that they are given some publicity as they create an impact greater than any other professional, which needs to be recognized. Hence prizes must exist.”

In his recent tweet, Mr. Venki very precisely puts forward his point that economic growth often heralds scientific growth. The poorer or underdeveloped countries may initiate their research by exploiting discoveries that are made in other parts of the world. Hence, there must be a cognizant attempt to build a scientific environment in their country.

According to Mr. Venki people in the countries like US and Japan have an adequate amount of scientific knowledge required to carry forward the different types of research, which many countries lacks behind. Even if underdeveloped countries want to utilise the research results of other countries, they must have that knowledge to carry forward the study. Also, resources are equally important to carry out those research in other countries.

Mr. Venki pointed out that India houses several eminent scientists withing the country. But still, the country needs to achieve more, considering its size and population. “Resources do not create wealth; science and innovation do. To be able to be the best in science we need to invest in science, and India has been underinvesting.”, said Mr. Venki in the award ceremony.

India is a developing country. It houses a lot of eminent scientists who can take forward the research to a new level. But relevant knowledge is most important for doing so. Even the private industries cannot be blamed. The ratio between private and government research centres is 1:2. Hence, more investments must be done for research and development centres to grow in India.

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  • Yes Dr. Venki, But why don’t you persuade the Indian government. Most of the funds go to IITs, IISC, IISERS, CSIRs and some university in West Bengal and delhi. What about state universities, where most of the population lies.The state universities are just giving Ph. D degree for nothing. Political appointments in science is one of the biggest intellect corruption in India.

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