Science wonders: Full power rechargeable battery with twofold energy capacity wrapped off


A US company set up by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is gearing up to introduce a next-gen and new rechargeable lithium battery that that can increase twofold the charge and energy capacity of current electronics assets. The upcoming lithium metal batteries can reinforce the batteries of Smartphones, drones, and electric cars for last twofold servicing.

Founded in 2012 by a group of MIT graduates and previous postdoc Qichao Hu ’07, SolidEnergy Systems has built up a “sans anode” lithium metal battery with a few material advances that make the energy dense of lithium ion batteries used in mobiles, electric cars, wearable, drones, and other devices twice and long-lasting.

According to Hu, CEO of SolidEnergy and the co-inventor of this battery at MI, “With double energy density, we can make a battery a half of the size. However, that still keeps going the same measure of time, as a lithium particle battery. On the other hand we can make a battery the same size as a lithium particle battery, however now it will keep going twice as long.”

As per the reported source, the company is gearing up to introduce this innovative and high-end battery for the Smartphone manufacturers and electric carmakers from next year. However, later this year, these batteries will first appear in cars. As said by Hu, the car equipped with SolidEnergy battery will be able to run twice on one single charge as compared to the original charging system. Though the previously used batteries and new energy-efficient SolidEnergy batteries are of the same size, yet the later one will deliver more power and potency to the devices.

Again for Smartphones, this battery will be available in a thinner and smaller size and will make the phone last longer on one single charge.

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