Scary T-Rex was cannibal who ate its own species!

The most scary dinosaurs — Tyrannosaur also know as T-Rex was a cannibal, making it even more scary. The newly unearthed 66 million-year-old bone of T-Rex revealed that the legendary dinosaurs were not shy of eating their own species at crunch situations. Researchers first doubted the notion, but the peculiar teeth marks on the recovered bone cleared the clouds of doubt and was a strong evidence of cannibal instinct in the T-Rex. In addition, such large marks could only have gnawed by Tyrannosaurs which have such large teeth.

“We were out in Wyoming digging up dinosaurs in the Lance Formation,” said paleontologist Matthew McLain from Loma Linda University in California, US. “Someone found a tyrannosaur bone that was broken at both ends. It was covered in grooves. They were very deep grooves,” McLain said.

While examining the grooves, researchers observed that the mark was obtained while pulling the flesh off the bone. Researchers also noticed that the groove was located at the larger end, also it had several smaller parallel grooves near the larger one which could only be caused by the diner’s head turning when serrated edges of teeth moved across the bone.

Once the serrated teeth were confirmed, researchers omitted the crocodiles, another animal which could have given such large marks on the bone. Now, the needle of suspection directly turned towards the theropod dinosaur like T-Rex. Only therapod dinosaurs could have made such grooves suggesting that the scary dinosaur was a cannibal and could have eaten its own kind when the need arises.

It isn’t the first time that researchers have pointed towards cannibal instinct in T-Rex. Fossils recovered previously suggests also suggested that the giant dinosaur may have eaten its victim after winning the battle where winner eats the loser even if the loser is from its own species.

The findings will be presented on the opening day of the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America to be held in Baltimore, Maryland from November 1-4.

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