Saudi Arabia recently crowned King Salman reforms government

King Salman, newly crowned Saudi Arabia King

After an era of feeble and self-involved kings, King Salman has vowed to change the trend. As soon as he was crowned as King, after the sudden departure of his half-brother Abdullah, he has taken many reforms to make his rule a dynamic and progressive one. According to some people, he may have accomplished 90% of the work on his first day on the throne.

He even went as far as deciding his successor to the throne, as well as the successor to his successor. He had been joked about over this decision but looking at the short span of ruling time including the number of claimants to the throne; it might as well prove to be a sagacious decision.

Previously, the rules for any policy had been set in stone. But King Salman took in charge of everything and has decided to make reforms in the existing policies for the progress of his kingdom. He is making sure to bring stability in his country by providing as many resources as he can afford to offer.

King Salman has also promised to pay two months’ pay for all state employees and pensions to retired government workers. This is seen as a move to fuel power his rule by his opponents, but it is has been seen as a gesture of love by his citizens, who now have a sixth more of their annual salary.
He is taking as many steps as possible to make the uncertain future of his kingdom to a brighter one. The rumor has it that he has even planned some changes for foreign policies to attract more business.

He also plans on providing better education and health care. Even in housing loans he is planning to make some concessions and not to forget the scholarship quota increments. King Salman is everywhere trying to create a better Saudi Arabia.

Our wishes to the new King and we hope that he stands to make a legendary king in the halls of fame.

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